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Reobrix Technic 22006 Crawler Crane RC - Construct with Precision

SKU: 22006

 Product Overview: The REOBRIX 22006 Crawler Crane RC is a testament to the fusion of fun and functionality. With 1322 pieces, this set challenges and delights, allowing you to construct a detailed crawler crane that stands tall in any collection.

Key Features:

  • Remote Control Operation: Take command with a 2.4G remote, directing the crane’s every move.
  • Realistic Functions: Features include distributor box action switching, forward and backward movement, on-the-spot steering, large arm luffing, rotary body, and hook lift
  • Interactive Play: The set includes a simulation joystick and remote control headlight for immersive play.
  • Quick Battery Release: Designed for convenience, the battery quick release design ensures uninterrupted building and play.
  • Dual-Mode Connection: Connect via 2.4G or Bluetooth for versatile control options

Why REOBRIX? REOBRIX is committed to creating sophisticated and enjoyable building sets. The 22006 Crawler Crane RC is a shining example of our dedication to detail and quality, providing an engaging building experience that mirrors the complexity of real-world machinery.