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Le Petit Prince Hourglass Sand Timer (86301) 800+ Pieces

SKU: 86301

Pantasy Building Block, Le Petit Prince Series, Hourglass Sand Timer (86301) 800+ Pieces

Whimsical Storytelling: Dive into the magical narrative of the Little Prince with a novel hourglass of building blocks. It's segmented into three parts, each intricately depicting scenes from the Little Prince, the Fox, and the Rose.

Starry Journey: The upper segment initiates the Little Prince's astral odyssey, setting a whimsical, otherworldly mood.

Floral Elegance: At its heart, a delicate floral wreath represents the "one and only Rose," symbolizing its unique beauty and importance.

Past Reminiscence: The lower segment captures the poignant exchange of past tales between the Little Prince and the Fox.

Crafted with Precision: Each element is carefully constructed with gold-sprayed blocks and sophisticated decal techniques, enriching the texture and making it an ideal gift for admirers of the Little Prince.

Product Information

Model: Hourglass Sand Timer (86301)

Block Type: Regular Size

Package Size: 29*10*43cm

Product Size: 17.3*17.3*31.3cm

Age Requirement:  6+