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Steampunk Clock Tower (85008) 2460 Pieces

SKU: 85008

Pantasy Building Block, Steam Punk Series, Steampunk Clock Tower (85008) 2460 Pieces

A Steampunk Clock Tower is a creative and imaginative concept that combines elements of the steampunk genre with the architectural design of a clock tower. Steampunk is a subculture and genre of science fiction and fantasy that draws inspiration from the steam-powered machinery, fashion, and aesthetics of the 19th century, often with a futuristic or fantastical twist. Steampunk creations frequently blend Victorian-era design elements with imaginative and anachronistic technology.

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Steampunk design often incorporates the ornate and intricate styles of the Victorian era. This might include decorative ironwork, brass accents, and detailed clock faces. The clock portion of the tower could feature elaborate mechanical workings, exposed gears, and cogs that are characteristic of steampunk design. Steampunk aesthetics often include the use of gauges, dials, and pressure indicators, which could be integrated into the clock face or other parts of the tower. Incorporate steam pipes, valves, and gears into the tower’s structure, giving it the appearance of a functional and fantastical machine.

Product Information

Model: 85008

Pieces: 2460

Block Type: Regular Size

Age Requirement:  14+