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Pantasy Building Block, Steam Punk Series, Steampunk Train Station (85007) 2723 Pieces

SKU: 85007

A Steampunk Train Station is a captivating and imaginative concept that fuses the aesthetics and technology of the steampunk genre with the architectural design of a railway station. Steampunk is known for its blend of Victorian-era design, steam-powered machinery, and fantastical elements. 

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Base the design of the train station on Victorian-era architectural styles, which often feature ornate details, large windows, and decorative elements like arches and turrets. Use brass and copper materials and accents throughout the station’s structure and décor. These metals are staples of steampunk aesthetics and can be employed for railings, signage, lighting fixtures, and more.  Include visible steam-powered machinery such as large gears, cogs, and pipes. These elements can serve as both decorative features and functional parts of the station’s design. Incorporate oversized clocks and pressure gauges into the station’s interior or exterior. These can be both decorative and functional, reflecting the steampunk fascination with time and technology.

Product Information

Model: 85007

Pieces: 2723

Block Type: Regular Size

Age Requirement:  14+