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PANLOS 688014 Model 003 Aircraft Carrier Military with 3126 Pieces

SKU: 688014
  • 003 Aircraft Carrier PANLOS 688014 Military with 3126 Pieces is a set in the Military collection. This PANLOS 688014 comes with an instruction manual which is easy to build and find the missing pieces.
  • The PANLOS 688014 includes high-quality bricks, made from 100% ABS plastic so extremely safe for children, can be replaced with other brands on the market.
  • Fujian (18;named after Fujian province, is the third aircraft carrier of the Chinese aircraft carrier programme and the first of the Type 003 class (NATO/OSD Fujian-class CV). Built by the Jiangnan Shipyard for the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), Fujian was launched on June 17, 2022 and is currently fitting out as of January 2024. It is China's first CATOBAR aircraft carrier with a fully indigenous design, an integrated propulsion system and three electromagnetic catapults, unlike the ski-jump flight decks of the previous Chinese aircraft carriers.
    The Type 003 class was originally unofficially called Type 002 when Shandong, China's then-incomplete second carrier, was believed to be designated Type 001A. Shandong's official designation, Type 002, was revealed during commissioning. Observers hence believed the third carrier will be the Type 003.