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Pantasy Building Block, Dragonball Series, Mini Goku and Master Roshi (99118- 99119)


This pantasy building block set is a must-have for Dragonball fans. It includes mini figures of Goku and Roshi, the iconic characters from the popular anime series. You can build and play with these blocks, or display them as part of your collection. They are colorful, cute, and fun to assemble. This is a limited edition set that makes a great gift for anyone who loves Dragonball. Order yours today before they run out!

Product Information

Model: 99118 (Mini Goku) 152 Pieces

Model: 99119 (Mini Master Roshi) 129 Pieces

Block Type: Regular Size

Package Dimension: 8cm x 13cm x 8cm

Age Requirement:  6+