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Mould King 21009 Technology Remote Controlled Sand Crawler Model 21009

SKU: 21009

Conquer the sands of imagination with the Mould King 21009 RC Sand Crawler! This colossal 13,168+ piece set is a builder’s dream, offering a fully remote-controlled experience with intricate full interior detailing. Perfect for tech enthusiasts and collectors alike, it combines a challenging build with the thrill of RC technology. Elevate your building skills and embark on an adventure with this technological titan!

Key Features:

  • Model Number: 21009
  • Recommended Age: 14 years and up
  • Piece Count: Over 13,168 pieces for an unparalleled building experience
  • Remote Control: Operate your sand crawler with the included remote or via the dedicated app
  • Full Interior: Explore the detailed interior, complete with control panels and operational features
  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed with premium, durable materials for a realistic look and feel
  • Educational Value: Enhances STEM skills, including fine motor abilities, problem-solving, and technological comprehension

Embark on a journey across the sands of time and technology with the Mould King 21009 Technology Remote Controlled Sand Crawler Model. This colossal kit, designed for the most dedicated of builders, offers a challenging yet rewarding experience that culminates in a fully functional, app-controlled masterpiece.

With over thirteen thousand precision-engineered pieces, this set promises hours of focused building and play. The result is a stunningly detailed model that not only captures the essence of its iconic inspiration but also functions with impressive mobility and control.

The remote control and app connectivity bring this sand crawler to life, allowing you to navigate it across a variety of terrains just like the real thing. Inside, the full interior reveals a labyrinth of gears and gadgets, showcasing the intricate design that Mould King is renowned for.

Whether for display or interactive play, this sand crawler is a testament to the fusion of form and function. It’s more than a model; it’s a gateway to understanding the mechanics behind the machines that inspire us.

Bring home the Mould King 21009 Sand Crawler and transform your building experience today!