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CaDA Building Block, Initial D Series, 1:12 Toyota Trueno AE86 (C61024), Non-Motorized Version


If you are a die-hard Initial D fan, then you know the importance of the iconic Toyota AE86 driven by Takumi Fujiwara. This CaDA initial D Trueno AE86 replica brings that experience right to your fingertips with its detailed design and features. Experience the same thrill as Takumi while reenacting the most memorable racing scenes from the manga and anime series.

Product Information

Model: C61024

Pieces: 1324

Size: 1:12

Product Size: 32.8cm x 14.5cm x 10.9cm

Box Size: 46cm x 10.5cm x 38cm

Block Type: Regular Size

Age Requirement:  14+