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CaDA AMG ONE (C61503W) - Precision Engineering Meets Passion

SKU: C61503W


Mercedes-AMG ONE C61503W adopts a unique and innovative "ejection start" gameplay that is unprecedented in bricks products. At the same time, the vehicle series functions and gameplay are restored, including: equipped with dual-motor four-wheel drive for strong power, remote control of butterfly wing door opening and closing linked to tail wing lifting, remote control vehicle steering linked to F1-style rectangular steering wheel, rear V6 engine linked to remote operation, remote control of front and rear 6 Each lighting group forms a matrix eye of the soul, and all four wheels are equipped with independent suspension shock absorbers.

Exclusive Mercedes-Benz AMG ONE "shark fin spoiler, F1 racing air intake, 10-spoke forged wheels, Michelin tires" and other new building block appearance configurations, the whole body of the vehicle is printed with high-definition building blocks, which highly restores the vehicle details and interior.


Item No.: C61503W
Pieces: 3295
Scale: 1:8
Motorized Unit: Yes
Difficulty: High


Precision and Passion Collide:
- Every detail, from the iconic roof scoop to the intricate wheels, pays homage to the allure of the hypercar.
- Technical intricacies like the drivetrain and numerous moving parts (including opening doors, independent front and rear suspension, and various engine components) enhance the unique building experience.
Dynamic Play:
- Two pull-back motors provide dynamism and speed for exciting actual play.
- The design features curves and accessories that closely resemble the real-world hypercar.
- Optional LED lights elevate it to a staggering display piece.
International Recognition:
- Celebrate innovation with the Mercedes-AMG ONE.
- Perfect for car enthusiasts, brick aficionados, and collectors alike, it symbolizes engineering transformed into art.


Product Size: L55 cm x W22 cm x H16 cm
Color Box Measure: L56.7 cm x W37.3 cm x H14.6 cm
Let your imagination soar as you build something extraordinary! 🌟🏗️