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CaDA Japanese Style Canteen (C66014W) - A Nostalgic Retreat

SKU: C66014W


Step into the serene streets of Japan with the CaDA Japanese Style Canteen—a meticulously crafted diorama piece that captures the essence of a traditional Japanese eatery. Let’s explore the details of this nostalgic brick set.


Model Number: C66014W
Difficulty: Medium
Pieces: 861


Quiet Night Ambiance:
- Imagine walking down a quiet late-night street corner in Japan and stumbling upon this charming canteen.
- The traditional Japanese noren curtains and retro stone lamps create an elegant atmosphere.
Two-Story Building:
- The first floor houses the late-night canteen, complete with an open kitchen and cooking equipment.
- The second floor serves as the owner’s living room, neatly arranged with living furniture.
Humanistic Touch:
- Light up the included lighting set to add warmth and character to the building.
- Connect the left and right sides with other building styles to create a unique commercial street.


Product Size: L13.6 cm x W17.6 cm x H18.5 cm
Color Box Measure: L30.7 cm x W23.8 cm x H11.9 cm
Build your own Japanese-style canteen and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the night! 🌟🍜